Iridology is based on the analysis of one of the most complicated tissue structures of the whole body, the iris.

It is a method whereby the health practitioner can tell, from markings or signs in the iris, the reflex condition of various systems of the body. These markings represent a detailed picture of the integrity of the body; its constitutional strength, areas of congestion, toxic accumulations and inherent strengths and weaknesses. Nature has provided us with an invaluable insight in to the status of the health of the body by transmitting the information to the eye.

With iridology, we have a simple, painless, economical and non-invasive way of looking at the body. This is not to say that it should exclude other forms of analysis. On the contrary, it may be employed in conjunction with any other system of analysis. Eighty percent of conditions treated are of a chronic nature. The tissue found in chronically afflicted patients can be monitored well in the iris of the eye. Iridology gives an essential insight to the development of these chronic conditions or the diminishing of inflammation. Iridology helps the patient to tune into their strengths and weaknesses and become more personally aware of what they can do to enhance their health. As the bodily tissues become less congested the iris registers the treatment response, and the healing process.

In the hands of a well trained Iridologist, your irises provide a microchip of information. Members of the Guild of Naturopathic Iridologists are qualified not only in iridology but also in at least one therapeutic science.

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